My earlier posts on craving Raising Cane's and Waffle House must have struck chords with you, gentle reader, and your fellow Central Texans. We are STILL getting hits on those months after the fact. And don't fret, Cane's IS on the way.

Over the weekend, I got to thinking how there are other restaurants we need here. I know there are some of you who pooh-pooh the whole existence of chain restaurants and their identical meals from coast-to-coast. Well, phooey on you. McDonald's fries when done right are awesome anywhere. If I can't have home cooking, at least I can have something I know I like. That's why I say thank goodness for Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Freddy's and our Texas chains of distinction like Whataburger, Shipley's, Bush's Chicken, Dickey's and the majestic stop that is Buc-ee's.

That being said, there are others missing from the landscape of the Bell County area, IMHO:

DUNKIN DONUTS - Soldiers at Fort Hood have access to America's biggest donut chain and that addictive coffee. The rest of us have to drive down to Round Rock.

RUBY TUESDAY - If for nothing else, the SALAD BAR. Those cold plates and that crisp lettuce, they are one of the few places where the salad bar still rules.

ZAXBY'S - You know I love those chicken fingers and dipping sauce. Zaxby's adds a sit-down feel and expanded menu including flavored fingers. It's just perfect.

GRIMALDI'S - Yes, the pizza giant in Brooklyn has expanded to locations from coast-to-coast. The brick oven-fired pizza is unreal.

DAVE & BUSTERS - Self-explanatory. Food with emphasis on sports and fun for ADULTS. You can either stay home and hope they play Plinko on The Price is Right or you can go to D&B and play skee ball yourself.

Do you know a restaurant we need here? Vote!