Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Meet Cory Self. Cory is our 2020 "Light Up Central Texas" winner, and scored himself the $500 grand prize courtesy of Smile at the World Orthodontics.

Cory stopped by the station today to pick up his winnings and told me that he's been decorating for the holidays for about 16 years. He takes care of the lights at his place, plus his family's light displays during the holidays.

He's really into lights, and although you can't really tell from the picture, the jacket he wore when he stopped by to see us lit up.

Here's Cory's winning light display,

Cory Self

According to Cory himself, "I am life long Christmas light junkie, with about 60,000 lights. I eat, sleep, and breathe Christmas lights and decorations. I have been a light fanatic since I was 5, and I have been decorating multiple houses for over 15 years."

Although Cory's light display won first place, there were so many entries that were really good, and the judging was very difficult. Here're just a few that made the final list.

Dustin Jensen

Dustin Jensen really has the Christmas spirit, as was evident from the picture above. Very god indeed. Dustin says, "This is my parents' house. My dad got tired of putting up lights, so he invested in the inflatables." Nice job, Dustin!

Jaimie Devlin

The Devlin family's display also made the finals list with this awesome sight. She says, "We love to see the families and kids enjoying our display. We have been doing this display for 5 years, and try to add new features every year. See us on Facebook: Devlin Family Christmas Lights."

Roderick Marshall

Roderick got some strong votes from the judges for his display. He captioned his entry with, "Check out our awesome lights."  We just imagine him putting on some shades, crossing his arms, and nodding after saying that. And well he should, because those are awesome lights. Great job, Roderick!

Sara Doyle

You can see why Sara got some votes from the judges too. Sara said, "This is only a portion of what is up. We have approximately 27 blowups and 8 21-foot-tall light-up trees." Very Nice!

Shawntay Harris Brunson

Shawntay was right up there at the top of the list as well with this beautiful display of Christmas lights that she captioned, "The REAL gingerbread house." Looks delicious!

As you can see, it was a tough choice for first place. So many people sent in beautiful photos to help us Light Up Central Texas and spread some holiday cheer, and choosing our favorite was tough.

Congrats to Cory once again for winning based both on his awesome lights and his enthusiasm for the holiday season.

We also want to say thanks to all the people who submitted their displays. You really "Lit Up Central Texas!"

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Central Texans Share Their Holiday Light Displays