Two New Movies hit the theaters this weekend “Godzilla” and “Million Dollar Arm

The new "Godzilla" remake stars "Breaking Bad's" Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson from "Kick-Ass" as his son, Ken Watanabe as a Japanese scientist, and a CGI Godzilla.



You get a better look at Godzilla in the Asian version of the trailer, along with one of the Rodan-like monsters.



Disney's "Million Dollar Arm"stars Jon Hamm as a sports agent who goes to India to recruit cricket players to become baseball pitchers.  He creates a competition called "Million Dollar Arm", and discovers a few guys with wicked fastballs.  So he brings them back to America to train for their one shot at a baseball tryout.



So which one do you think will be number one?   Duh,  Godzilla!