I don't know if you're familiar with the chicken restaurant known as Raising Cane's. Soon, you will be.

Just yesterday, I heard Cane's will be opening up a location in Temple for the first time. Since I grew up in the same home town as Cane's, this is fantastic news to this Cajun. Previously I had either hightail it to Waco or down to Georgetown to get my fix of chicken fingers. It was worth the drive. In fact, each time I went to either location it was for that purpose only and I turned around and came right back home. Yes, the chicken fingers are that good.

There are other restaurants opening in the area and I'll share them with you as soon as I get more information. But as a sentimental favorite I had to jump and shout about Cane's. They didn't even pay me to say this, it's just the fondness I have for the company and the product. Here's a quick summary of Cane's success:

Btw, I recommend the sandwich combo on toast.