When it's time for you to retire, will you have a grand finale?  Will you give a boring speech of will you leave them with something to remember? If you are thinking about going out with a BIG splash, check out what this dance teacher did!

She is 60 year old Shirley Clements, dance teacher at a high school in Canada. Ms. Clements is retiring this year, she wanted to give students and faculty something they would not forget. With her students, she performed at her annual Hip/Hop dance competition.  It wasn't one of those lyrical Boreshows like you see on Dance Moms.  Ms. Clements has some moves.  Just ask Bruno Mars!



The lady did a head spin!  I love her bedazzled track suit.


The video has gotten over a million and a half views on YouTube. That's a pretty good way to impress your students, going viral on The YouTube!


Now what are you gonna do when you retire?  I could definitely do a dance like that, on the RADIO!