Exclusive Videos

Foster the Arts
At times as a parent you see your kid pick up some type of ability to create art and you have to do your best to support that and allow them to grow their talent.
Bean Boozled Gag Reel Part Two
Is it possible for lightening to strike twice? After the success of the first Bean Boozled Gag Reel, we combed through the footage to bring you part two!
Underwater Fail Compilation
We review Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, the latest from Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie, and we do it underwater. Or, at least, we try.
First Person NERF Video
On this Fourth of July, we celebrate America's Independence in one of the best ways we know: running through the halls of our offices with NERF guns and scaring all the salespeople. Lucky for you, we recorded it.
Let's Do This!
These guys would not leave.  If all the machines had  been working we would have been stuck there forever! This time Big Q challenged me to a shoot em up.
Grownup Games
It was Big Q's idea. He decided to leave the Big Chair and join me and Dave as we challenged each other in various games.
Jurassic World: The Review
Whoo haaa. The world just threw 500 something millions dollars at the new movie "Jurassic World" and of course we sent our Tan, Dave and Ed Ficus out to see it! RUN! HERE COMES THE REVIEW!

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