Huey Lewis

Hairy Instrument
Got a favorite Huey Lewis and the News song? Enter the title into an new online Old Spice video and this dude's hair will play it for you on a synthesizer - complete with mood lighting and a cheesy rhythm track. Yes, this dude's hair.
Payback Time, Psycho
Huey Lewis and the News came to the North Dakota State Fair in 1984.  They were just starting to take off and become one of the biggest groups of the 80's, and to have them come to little old Minot North Dakota was huge.  They drew the most people ever, at that time, for a rock show, and I was there.  I ran into some old friends and they offered me a drink.  They called it everclear.  I said, &quo
Big Q On The Way
Hello Central Texas, I’m Big Q.  Starting Monday the 25th I’ll be your host, in the re-enforced air-chair, from 3 till 7pm on K-1017, playing your favorite hits from the 60’s 70’s & 80’s. I’m so excited to be apart of this new radio station.  We’ll travel back in time together to the music of our youth, and hopefully, I’ll play a song that will spark a memory which will make you smile. Here ar