Still Don’t Have Your Stimulus Money? This May Be Why [VIDEO]
My Mom called the other day and asked if I'd received my stimulus check yet. I have not. She was surprised. She received hers weeks ago. I've not worried about it too much, but her reminder got me to thinking. The IRS has confirmed on their website that over 150 million Americans have received their money...
Check out Killeen!
If you've been considering where to spend your "golden years" when you retire, you might want to consider staying put right here in Central Texas.
Massive Tax Hikes
Tax payers in Bell, Coryell, and Lampasas Counties report increases of over 5,000%, and one local Chamber of Commerce is encouraging citizens to protest.
IRS Scam Calls
If someone calls you claiming to be from the IRS, demanding immediate payment, and threatening to have you imprisoned, keep calm and hang up.
Tax Time
As a professional procrastinator, I do my taxes on, or about, April 15th.  I did them today and damn near had a heart attack. "How Q.  How did you damn near have a heart attack?" Well thanks for asking voice in my head.
AARP Tax Aid In Central Texas
Seniors, Tax help is here.  If you're a senior citizen, or if you have low or moderate income,    AARP is offering free income tax preparation.