Wes is on vacation this week so I'm looking at the Facebook page a bit more. I'm not doing anything because I'm an idiot about Facebook, but I'm still looking.

We got a Facebook message from England of all places. At least they said they were from England. How the hell am I supposed to know?

Well, they asked for a shout out.  Now talking on the radio is something I can do. Tossed it in after a Frampton song and let them know about it.

Via KRock Facebook

Suddenly I get a photo attachment. Holy Crap, they really are listening across the pond. And it looks like they're really building Rolls Royce's.

Via KRock Facebook

As one of the older people still in radio, it's sometimes strange to think how much the business has changed. Before you could only be heard as far as your "Stick" would throw you. Now, a simple couple taps of some keys and a quick caress of a mouse and you're broadcasting across the planet.

Thanks to the gang at the Rolls Royce plant for giving this old DJ a smile on his Humpday.