It was Big Q's idea. He decided to leave the Big Chair and join me and Dave as we challenged each other in various games.

So we traipsed off to the Video Game Parlor. (Do they still call it that?  Did they ever call it that?)  We were there early so we had the place all to ourselves.  No standing in line! Today's episode is the Skee Ball Challenge!  I get the Go Pro!



You know I never did find out what happened to my tickets.  I think Big Q took my Tickets! (The tickets were his favorite part.)

You know those guys acted like they could spend hours in that place.  After we finished shooting the videos, they were still playing games!

Next week I will be shooting with Big Q. I better keep an eye on my tickets!


In the meantime find out what a ficus thinks about the movie,  "Inside Out".  Oh, Tan and Dave have opinions too. I do believe Dave has some kind of psychic connection with that plant.