Inez Russell is "Friends for Life" with many people.  The Waco woman has recruited others to join her organization to make sure senior citizens get the help they need. So far "Friends for Life" has helped over 22,000 people. CNN is pretty impressed with what Inez Russell has done.  That is why she is a CNN Hero.



Russell told CNN she started the program after a chance meeting with a frightened elderly woman.  While visiting her dad in the hospital, Russell says she heard screaming, and found a woman, close to 90 years old, crying because she did not want to die alone.

Russell found that there are many elderly people who live alone and have no one to look out for them. That is why she started "Friends for Life".



Inez Russell is one of the top 25 chosen as a CNN Hero, out of thousands nominated worldwide.


The 2015 top 10 CNN Heroes will be announced in the fall.


Later on this year you can help select the CNN Hero of the year by voting online.