A few months ago, I shared a clip from Anthony Bourdain's CNN show about the joys of the Waffle House. Since that time, I've had Waffle House twice: once I drove down to Austin to a location which was not easy to find; and once when I was visiting my family in Louisiana during the holidays. Yes, I ate at a Waffle House when I went home, Merry Christmas to me.

Here's the problem:


See this map? It's taken from Waffle House's own company website. Not for 175 miles between North Austin and Fort Worth is there a single location. Oh sure, DFW has a ton of 'em. That's as it should be. Temple or Killeen, Waco even? Zilch. Compare that to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where there are OVER TWENTY WAFFLE HOUSES! WTF?


Thing is WH was quick to move in and serve the storm-ravaged area on the Coast after Katrina. There were no grocery stores, much less restaurants open to the devastated folks over there. As such, these new, clean Waffle Houses are beloved by the residents there.

What do I have to do? I had to wait FORTY MINUTES to get a seat the last time I went down there. And the last time I checked, we had not reached a saturation point of breakfast places in this area, especially ones that serve up food hot and fresh.

So if you're like me and want good, wholesome sit-down food cooked right there where you sit, you shouldn't be looking for Benihana for breakfast. Tell the powers that be at Waffle House we want them in Bell County!