The Lemon Juice and Cocoa challenge came to Temple Townsquare and the video has finally hit the internet!  Fun was had by all... Well... More fun was had by some.  Seeing as it was MY brilliant idea to do this challenge in the first place, I bit the bullet and went first.  After making the delicate mixture I stepped outside with our Digital Guy Jason and a few spectators and threw back a shot of the gross concoction.  After it didn't kill me, or seriously injure me, others took their turn.  Highlights of the challenge include a misting of Jason by Big Q, and above all else that fact that anytime anyone gagged Marianne immediately responded with a gag of her own.  I think this counts as a team building exercise since Kelsey jumped in to tag team holding Marianne's hair for her as she spit her mixture out on the ground.  Teamwork at its best!!

Be sure to check out Kelsey's attempt at revenge on myself with her poll of what punishment I should endure for posting her beautiful pictures all over the internet!

And just in case you missed the 'Gag Reel' of this challenge... Enjoy the candid pictures and video here!