It's every bowler's worst nightmare, whether you're just a casual roller out with friends on a Saturday night or a professional on tour - the dreaded 7-10 split.

PBABowling, YouTube

You know, when you get the ball right down the center, see all those pins going down, and think you're finally going to get that strike and impress your date, but then those two pins stand at both sides of the end of the lane and mock you.

Personally, I've never picked up a 7-10 split in real life. I've done it a couple of times in Wii bowling. That counts, right? No? Ok.

The spiteful split was staring 18-year-old professional bowler Anthony “The Ginger Assassin” Neuer in the face Sunday, April 11 during the 2021 PBA U.S. Open semifinals.

PBABowling, YouTube

As you can tell just from looking at his mullet and his American flag shirt with a hammer, Neuer's the kinda guy to get s-...stuff done, and he wasn't about to walk away from this without making one hell of a roll at those bedposts.

Neuer not only picked up that split, but made history while doing it. According to the PBA, he's only the fourth person in PBA history to make the split on TV and the first to do it since 1991.

I love hearing the Fox Sports announcers freak out when those pins fall! I really needed that positive energy today after a rough weekend.

As one of the announcers pointed out, the right pin may not have hit the left it it hadn't bounced off the top of the ball the way it did. What an amazing roll!

Congratulations to Anthony “The Ginger Assassin” Neuer on his awesome achievement. He didn't win the match, but he's definitely now the standout on everyone's mind.

By the way, this is an opportunity for me to point out that one of the greatest comedies of all time (IMO), Kingpin, is currently free to watch on YouTube. Any time I see a story about bowling, my mind immediately goes to either this movie or The Big Lebowski.

I'm definitely going to be watching Kingpin when I get off work tonight, and I highly recommend it. There are some 90's-era gross-out scenes, but there's a lot more about it that's genuinely clever. Plus Bill Murray shows up as one of the biggest scumbags in the history of movies and just steals the show.

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