It has been a few days since I shared the preview of the Chubby Bunny Contest (SEE THE PREVIEW PICTURES IF YOU MISSED IT HERE) that we had at the Radio Station.  Now it is time for the amazing video excellently produced by our Digital Mastermind Jason.  What an amazing place I get to work at and what a special, and I mean truly special, group of easy going and funny people that I get to share my day with.  Stay tuned for more exciting and laughable videos and stories to follow!

Be sure to check out Kelsey getting ready for the contest with a 'war cry' 29 seconds into the video.  That scary yell is worth the price of admission alone!

I'm sure more will follow on this awesome contest and that we will have many fun things in the not too distant future.  Don't miss out on any of the fun and excitement by signing up for the newsletter at the top of the page!